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UR Catering and Covid-19

In the current stage of the University's Covid -19 restrictions, events have been allowed for the fall semester.  The Catering team has been hard at work supporting dining on campus for the students, staff, and faculty. As the University's restrictions change, so will Catering's ability to respond to your event needs. In the interim:

  • Unless a waiver is granted by the Catering Office, all food service or catering for approved meetings and events must be provided by the University of Richmond Dining Services on campus.
  • UR Catering looks forward to working with your event needs based on guidelines provided with the current University phases red, orange, yellow, lime, or green.  We are currently in the lime phase.  Please click on the Resource Links below for further explanation.

  • UR Catering has developed event packages that follow the current guidelines.   

  • Catering's goal is to provide a Safe Dining environment. All catering employees who work on campus get daily health screening, wear required face coverings, and follow strict cleaning protocols for all high touch areas, equipment, and delivery vehicles.


University's Covid 19 Response and Interim Response

Campus Events Office Covid-19 Guide

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