Book Your Event

Steps to Request a Location and Catering

  1. Submit a reservation request to the events office for the appropriate location and catering a minimum of three weeks in advance. Alternatively, most campus spaces can be reserved through University Events by calling (804) 289-8585. All events being planned at the Jepson Alumni Center can be reserved by calling (804) 289-8544.
  2. University Events will contact you through the reservations system and will request additional details about your event at that time. A decision will be made at this time for the approval of the event through University Events.
  3. If your reservation for a location is approved through University Events then it will be forwarded to the Catering Office. Once your event is approved and accepted by the Catering Office, then a catering professional will be in contact with you about the details of your event. Please note that a guaranteed guest count is required five full business days prior to the date of your event.