Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do you have availability on these dates?

    The best way to determine if we are available on certain dates is to submit your event request through the Events, Conferences, and Support Services Department or, if you have a University NetID, through the centralized scheduling system, EMS. Requests should be made at least four weeks or more in advance. From there, our scheduling team will determine whether or not we can accept the event. 

  • Can I add additional services to my reservation?

    We ask that for any changes, including additions to your accepted event, you revise your reservation request and notify the assigned Catering Manager.

  • Are there minimums for orders?

    Yes. Beginning July 1, 2024, the Food and Beverage Catering Minimum Policy requires internal and external customers wishing to utilize University Catering Services must place a minimum order of $150 for food and beverages. In addition, a 20-person minimum is required for the following catering menus: 

    • Continental Breakfast, Buffet Breakfast & Served Breakfast
    • Buffet Lunch, Cold Plated Lunch
    • Buffet & Seated Dinner
    • Receptions

    There is no minimum required for ordering boxed lunches.

    If these minimums are not met, customers can use the Pick-Up Menu and pick up their order from the Heilman Dining Center. Alternatively, clients may utilize a vendor from the Approved Vendor List in addition to completing the Food Waiver Request form.

    Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Executive Director of University Dining Services.

  • What if I need to change my style of service or my reservation?

    Changes to the reservation need to go through the EMS system first. Our scheduling team will then determine if we can still accommodate your request.

  • How late can I make changes to my event?

    Your menu must be finalized two weeks before the event date. Any changes to guest counts must be confirmed no later than 5 business days before your event. Any changes between those deadlines and your event date will incur a $100 fee on your final bill.

  • Can I order unlimited types of sandwiches for my event?

    We ask that the event organizers follow this guidance for ordering:       

    • 1-24 guests: 4 choices
    • 25-35 guests: 5 choices
    • 36+ guests: 6 choices
  • Can I just have a bar at my event?

    If alcoholic beverages are to be present at an event, food is required in sufficient quantity for the duration of the event. Food items should be substantial, such as dips, fruit & cheese, or hors d’oeuvres.

  • Can I take home leftovers?

    Due to state health regulations, food not consumed may not be taken from catered events. We enforce this policy for the safety of our guests. Leftover food is donated when applicable.